Water Damage


We’re ready: 24-7.   A dedicated team of fully trained IICRC trained staff are geared to return your home to a dry, pre-loss, condition quickly.  Effective technology and continual training of our staff is important to our company so we can ensure prompt drying and speedy restoration.
Our extensive range of drying equipment is synergized by the people behind it.  Our emergency response team has successfully mitigated countless water-related losses with insight and expertise in the prevention of subsequent mould infestations.




We offer:

• Dedicated and fully IICRC trained emergency response team
• Over 200 pieces of specialized drying equipment
• Dryvex MC5200 for drying large commercial buildings
• Truck mounted extractor for quick and efficient water removal
• Security services if required
• Emergency power, heat or air-conditioning


Your claim information initiates the connection to your project manager, your permanent contact and guide through your restoration process.  This person leads (the emergency response team and restoration crew) with you and is prepared to answer any questions for you.
Water damage is the most important component to consider before beginning the restoration process. Materials in your home being properly dried is key and should never be overlooked in the prevention of mould growth resulting in bigger problems down the road. Beginning with the proper identification of the source, the particulars of the problem (in the case of sewage bacteria) need to be effectively eliminated first. Lubnow’s priority is always to give you peace of mind now and for the foreseeable future.

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