Our focus: to be an industry leader.  Resources are devoted to incorporating current trends enabling us to provide great service to you and cost savings to your insurance company.
Some of our specialized equipment:

Flir BX320 infrared camera, allows us to easily identify the water source, minimizing the unnecessary removal of building materials. This equates to less restoration time and less disruption to your home and life.

Dryvex MC5200: an open drying system with advanced technology specific for flooded buildings. Using outside air, rather than recycled air, Dryvection ™ provides us the ability to quickly dry large structures.  The shortened drying time and minimized reconstruction reduces claim costs.

Cold Jet Aero 40 dry ice cleaning is our newest addition and assists us in the removal of mould or soot. This technology replaces soda blasting (and the subsequent clean up of soda blasting). Since dry ice is absorbed into the air, we can cover large areas quickly, with no additional clean up.

Fireline Content Cleaning Systems offers ultrasonic cleaning.  Labour-intensive hand-cleaning previously required for intricate items complex with detailing (crystal, china, ceramics, jewellery and porcelains) is reduced with this process. Since a home’s contents have a wide variance in material types and textures we need to select the proper processing procedure.  Ultrasonic cleaning yields consistent results with remarkable efficiency.